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Shared core facilities are an important benefit to members of the GCC research community.

GCC has acquired major equipment for shared use, available to Texas Medical Center researchers, thanks to the generosity, commitment and vision of philanthropic donors such as the John S. Dunn Foundation. Additionally, GCC member institutions have each designated shared core facilities within their own institutions (via a GCC inter-institutional memorandum of understanding), providing a large array of equipment available to GCC researchers at internal rates.

These leveraged shared resources enhance collaborative research, training and grant proposals and provide increased opportunities for inter-institutional cooperation and growth. (Photos welcome!) Please contact Suzanne Tomlinson, PhD, Director, GCC Research Consortia, at smtomlin@rice.edu for more information.

Looking for a particular piece of equipment?
Did you know that the GCC has a Shared Equipment and Resource Committee (SERC) composed of the Directors/Leaders in equipment inventory and acquisition from each of the GCC institutions? If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, please email Suzanne Tomlinson (smtomlin@rice.edu), and the committee members will work together to try to locate it and introduce you to the PI who owns/administers it.

GCC Shared Equipment and Cores

High Throughput Screening Core Facility

High Throughput Screening Core Facility

GCC Member Institution Designated Shared Core Facilities