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One of the GCC’s most essential functions is bringing multiple institutions together to form powerful, domain-specific research consortia.

Organized by areas of interest, these focused partnerships catalyze interactions and provide a supportive environment for collaborative research programs requiring expertise beyond that which is possible by any single institution.

Funding Opportunities

The Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC) is pleased to announce the RFA for the 2019 John S. Dunn Foundation Collaborative...

Antimicrobial Resistance

A collaboration of leaders in antimicrobial resistance researchers from all of GCC institutions...

Cellular and Molecular Biophysics

Molecular biophysics is a broad area of research that includes studies on macromolecular...

Innovative Drug Discovery and Development

Formerly the John S. Dunn Gulf Coast Consortium for Chemical Genomics (GCC CG) which...

Junior Faculty Resource Page

Between the Keck Center and our many Research Consortia, the GCC has many opportunities...

Mental Health Research

The term “mental health” encompasses an extremely large landscape, including the classic psychiatric...


“Nano” encompasses a large array of research topics initially spearheaded by the National Nanotechnology...

Regenerative Medicine

Developments in regenerative medicine are making it possible for patients or athletes to live...

Rigor and Reproducibility Resources

“Two of the cornerstones of science advancement are rigor in designing and performing scientific...

Single Cell Omics

Single-cell omics is a rapidly growing new field that provides many advantages over traditional...

Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience

The Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (TCN) provides a mechanism and environment for interactions...

Translational Imaging

Our goals for the Translational Imaging cluster are to expand our scope beyond MRI and...

Translational Pain Research

The mission of the Gulf Coast Consortium for Translational Pain Research (GCC TPR) is to alleviate...

Executive Research Consortia Committee

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